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used kitchen cabinets to reface

Replace With Used Kitchen Cabinets & Reface Them

Kitchen cabinets can be expensive.  Especially for what you get, the markup can seem ridiculous. You have seen articles about cabinet refacing, and read the benefits and requirements of replacing, or refacing, but has anyone brought up the fact that you can do both?

Replacing AND Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

You may be thoroughly confused at this point, but hopefully we can clear some of that up. Let’s say you are tired of your kitchen cabinets and want a new look. You have learned about kitchen cabinet refacing in your research into affordable kitchen remodeling strategies but determined that the boxes on your cabinet boxes are too damaged, or they are not as deep as you would like and new kitchen cabinets seems like the only way to go. You take a look at your account balance and get discouraged. There is another option.

Replacing Your Kitchen Cabinets With Used Cabinets

You may or may not have considered purchasing used kitchen cabinets on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Ebay, or a local store that sells used construction items. If you looked and decided against that route, you likely didn’t see any styles you liked, or they didn’t provide the size that you wanted, or they did not match the dimensions of your kitchen.

Let’s look at this from a different perspective. If you go back through the list of used cabinets that you found at various sources, the only factor you really need to consider is the size and condition of the boxes. Style can come second. Even if you like one style of doors and drawers you found, and have another that doesn’t look the same, but has a box size that matches the other, or matches your kitchen, this can work if you are vigilant.

If you can find a mismatched set of cabinets that have boxes that are the correct size for your kitchen and your wallet you can always get these refaced.

Hire A Cabinet Refacing Company To Reface The Used Kitchen Cabinets

This makes sense if the cost of the used cabinets, and the cost of refacing them still comes to be less than that of having new cabinets installed, so you really need to have a frugal, dedicated mindset. Just like you can reface your old cabinet boxes, you can also purchase ones that someone else is getting rid of and give them a face lift as well.

As referenced above, if you find a grouping of mismatched cabinets, and you like the style of one, but not the others, the ones you don’t like can be refaced to match the ones that you do like. This further reduces the cost on your end because you do not need to reface the entire kitchen.

Kitchen Island Cabinets Don’t Have To Match The Wall Cabinets

One thing to take into consideration, is that if you are simply just adding an island to your existing kitchen, you can find used cabinets somewhere and just have them refaced to match the rest of your kitchen.

You can also just drop in an unmatched set of cabinets and put a countertop on it, as long as you are happy with how the two design styles work together.

#1 Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Company In Pittsburgh

Desirable Kitchens & Refacing offers more kitchen remodeling services to Pittsburgh homeowners such as full remodels and cabinet refacing. We have been revitalizing kitchens for years and have a wealth of experience from doing it, but we primarily aim to deliver expert cabinet refacing services to provide affordable kitchen remodeling options. Contact us today!