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peeled kitchen cabinets

Do Refaced Cabinets Peel?

Refacing your kitchen cabinets is a great way to refresh the look of your kitchen without the cost and hassle of replacing all the cabinets. If your cabinets are outdated or worn, refacing can provide them with a brand-new look that you can enjoy for years to come.

You may be wondering if refaced cabinets can peel, and how long they last. First, lets take a quick look at the process, then we can go into how long the results can last.

Cabinet Refacing Process

Cabinet refacing is a process where the original doors and drawer fronts are removed from the cabinets and replaced. The cabinet boxes are reinforced and repaired as needed and are also refaced with veneers or refinished to match the new drawer fronts and cabinet doors.

This process provides you with cabinets that look brand new at a lower cost than a total cabinet replacement. If your cabinet boxes are still good, why replace them? You only have to change the part of your cabinets that is visible unless you have the space in your kitchen, and need bigger cabinets.

DIY Cabinet Refacing vs. Professional Refacing

While you may think you can save time and money refacing your cabinets yourself, the DIY techniques available are not always the most durable, and a lack of experience in the application of these techniques can produce results that do not last as long.

Many techniques include laminate cabinet refacing, which will peel and chip over time if the laminate sheets are installed in a way that excess hangs over the edge of cabinet door openings and gets caught on the door when it opens, or if the doors are not spaced correctly and the corners touch. Once the laminate begins to peel or chip, it’s downhill from there.

If you are looking for refacing techniques that last, it is best to trust the professionals at Desirable Kitchens and Refacing. Our experienced team has the tools, materials, and knowledge to reinforce your cabinets and reface them with a fresh look that will last for years to come.

How Long Will it Take to Reface My Cabinets?

The length of time to complete your cabinet refacing project will depend on a variety of factors, such as the size of your kitchen and how structurally sound your cabinet boxes are. If you have a larger kitchen with cabinets that require more repairs, then it will take longer to complete than a smaller kitchen with cabinets in good repair.

More ornate door styles can also take longer to finish, as well as if you opt for techniques such as antiquing. On average, you can expect your refacing project to take about five days.

How Long Will My Refaced Cabinets Last?

Using an established company with proven methods is the key to getting refaced kitchen cabinets that don’t look cheap and can last decades.

Low-End Cabinet Refacing

Some companies use a lower-end process that applies laminate to upgrade the look of the cabinet surfaces. At first, they might appear fine. However, over time, they’ll wear out, peel, chip, and fade. Laminate is also prone to water damage, which can cause them to swell and look bubbly when water gets behind the film. In addition, laminate will feel artificial when compared to hardwood doors and panels or a quality wood veneer that is expertly applied.

High-End Cabinet Refacing

With a high-end refacing process, we’ll remove the cabinet doors and drawer fronts and replace them with new, custom-made, solid wood doors. We also don’t cover cabinet boxes with cheap laminate. We’ll paint them or use a quality veneer to ensure the final product looks beautiful and also stands up to wear and tear.

Professional Cabinet Refacing Services

Our experienced team can help you refresh your old cabinets and give them new life! To learn more about our cabinet refacing services, contact us today to learn more!