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8 Tips for a Luxury Kitchen

Do you want to give your kitchen a facelift with the cost and hassle of a full kitchen remodel? The kitchen is the focal point of your family home. Desirable Kitchens and Refacing suggests these 8 ways to upgrade your kitchen without the pain of full kitchen remodel in Pittsburgh.

Hidden Appliances & Power Outlets

Functionally necessary, appliances and power outlets sometimes interrupt the aesthetic flow of the kitchen design. Try relocating your power outlets behind panels, drawers, or cabinets to improve the overall look of your kitchen.
It’s becoming trendy to cover your appliances with paneling to integrate them into cabinets. In minimalist kitchens, hiding the appliances behind panels helps with the fluidity of the design while in traditional kitchens, covered appliances give the kitchen a warmer feel.

“Ceiling” the Deal

Spice up your kitchen with specialized ceiling décor. You can add some viv and verve to make your kitchen ceiling pop. Ditch the boring ceiling and opt for some bead board paneling, aluminum tiles, or a fun mosaic. You could even try using crown molding to finish over the cabinets as they meet the ceiling to make a big difference in how your kitchen looks.

Fancy Faucet

When your hands are greasy, you hesitate to touch the handles on your faucet. New faucets allow you to tap it with your arm to have the water stream down. This helps prevent the spread of potentially pathological germs. It’s both luxurious and practical: fewer germs and less of a mess. These types of handles also come with the manual handles still integrated into the design.

Light It Up

The kitchen should be bright and welcoming – a room where you want to be! If it’s architecturally appropriate, you could add a skylight to your kitchen to add an extra dimension of brightness. Natural light is better than artificial lighting.
Now, you can also add lights under the cabinets. It’s both attractive and practical. Lighting up your culinary area makes reading recipes, chopping, and other countertop cooking easier and safer. It’s both formative and functional.

Make a Splash with the Backsplash

Don’t overwhelm your budget by splurging on fancy tiles for the entirety of your kitchen. Concentrate on a focal point and enhance it with stainless steel tile, metallic tiles, or some funky mosaics.

Drawer Makeovers

It’s frustrating when you constantly have to dig through drawers to find the right spatula or finesse your way through rows of spices just to find the right one. There are now organizers for drawers and cabinets to sort and store nearly everything. For your pots, pans, cookbooks, and cans, there are pull-out cabinet and drawer organizers that can be customized for your kitchen.

Handle Your Kitchen

The handles and pulls in your kitchen can certainly date it. Cabinets are age-neutral – it’s the handles and pulls that can provide your kitchen with an easy facelift.

Full Steam Ahead

In the past, all ovens did were bake – now, they steam too. Steam ovens are the new hot commodity. Their the healthier option as they keep the moisture in with less butter and oil offering flexibility to your recipes. Splurge on a new steam oven before they’re sold out! They are increasing in popularity and availability every day.

There are tons of ways to keep your kitchen luxurious and practical. For your kitchen remodeling in Pittsburgh, contact Desirable Kitchen and Resurfacing in the South Hills to make sure all your needs are met. Serving all of Western Pennsylvania, Desirable Kitchen and Resurfacing will make sure you are satisfied with your kitchen makeover. Call Desirable Kitchen and Resurfacing at 412-515-0582 or fill out our form! You deserve the kitchen of your dreams!

James Zoppetti