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What You Can Change About Your Cabinets When Refacing?

Looking to give your kitchen a makeover without the hefty price tag and inconvenience of a full kitchen remodel?  Cabinet refacing may be the solution for you.  As a popular choice for homeowner’s today, kitchen cabinet refacing allows you to affordably upgrade your existing kitchen within days while providing the look of a complete remodel.

Refacing Offers Affordable Solutions

Experts in cabinet refacing, Desirable Kitchens & Refacing, located in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, has been refacing kitchens in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas for years.  With cabinet refacing, also known as cabinet resurfacing, you are able to keep your current kitchen intact while

Cabinet Refacing Pittsburgh

completely transforming its appearance.  With the removal of existing drawer faces and doors and installation of new ones, there are many additional and affordable options you can consider while undergoing this transformation.   Desirable Kitchens & Refacing suggests the following upgrades when refacing your cabinets:


Change Texture of Cabinets

Consider incorporating a different texture, such as bead board, when refacing your kitchen cabinets.  Beadboard provides the look and feel of a homey cottage kitchen, while never going out of style.  This unique texture comes in a variety of pattern options, which complements all tastes.  In addition, it is mold resistant and can be easily repainted.  Incorporating bead board completely alters the look of your cabinets at a reasonable price.


Change Color

This simple refacing option is a natural choice for homeowners that like the style of their wood cabinets, but need a change of color. Veneers come in a variety of colors and wood stains.  Your options are limitless.


Change Functionality & Configuration

Cabinet refacing Pittsburgh provides you the perfect opportunity to repurpose the function of your cabinets and drawers.  Are you looking for more organization and better use of your cabinet space?  Consider drawers with spice shelves, space-saving Lazy-Susan options, roll out drawers, pull out shelves and hidden trash receptacles.   Desirable Kitchens and Refacing will help configure your kitchen and provide better functionality.


Change Hinges

You may think a hinge is just a hinge, but with today’s high tech hinges, you are sure to notice a difference.  With the new hinge technology, your cabinets will close completely and quietly with a soft, slow-motion.  In addition, these hinges are available in a variety of colors and styles to match your taste.


Change Hardware

A simple change in cabinet and drawer hardware can drastically enhance the look of your kitchen for very little cost.  While deciding on new hinges, consider the many options available for handles, drawer pulls and moldings.  New hardware is a quick, easy and affordable way to transform the overall feel of your kitchen.


Kitchen Refacing in the Pittsburgh and Surrounding Area

Transform your outdated kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams– without the mess and the hassles of a remodel project that could leave you without a kitchen for months.  Desirable Kitchens and Refacing will help you breathe new life into your kitchen with cabinet refacing.  For more information about cabinet refacing in Pittsburgh, please call Desirable Kitchens and Refacing at 412-515-0582. We gladly service the south hills of Pittsburgh and all of western Pennsylvania.

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