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When is the Best Time to Remodel Your Kitchen?

When it comes to timing, kitchen remodeling in Pittsburgh is no different than any other major home improvement project—there are times that are more favorable than others.  The key is determining which is best for you.

At Desirable Kitchens & Refacing, we work closely with our customers to choose the best options to meet all their specific kitchen remodeling needs.   Whether you decide to reface your cabinets, update your countertops or add a backsplash, determining the best time of year will depend on your unique situation.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Optimum Time for your Kitchen Remodel

For most homeowners, project size and budget will ultimately decide the Kitchen Remodel Pittsburghmagnitude of your kitchen remodel.  The area with most flexibility is the timing of the project, which will be based on what works best for you.  Before deciding when to start your kitchen remodeling project, consider the following:

Time alotted to complete project:  How long will your kitchen remodel take?  Most kitchen cabinet refacing projects are completed in 3-5 days or less.  During this time, you are still able to utilize your kitchen. For larger kitchen remodels, it could take several weeks or months, which would limit the ability to use your kitchen.  In that case, summer may be the best time since grilling would be an option.


Daily routine:  How will your kitchen remodel affect you and your family’s daily routine?  If your kitchen serves many functions, such as a gathering place, homework station, game area, etc., you may want to consider scheduling your project when kids are on vacation or at summer camp.

Costs: Contractors and remodelers are busiest in late spring and early summer.  Therefore, the costs to remodel your kitchen may be higher due to demand. If your schedule allows, consider hiring during their off peak season.  In addition, plan your project in advance so that you can take advantage of seasonal fluctuations in the costs of building materials and appliances throughout the year.

Availability:  Ask your contractor or remodeler when they have the most openings.  If you choose a time when they are less busy, then more time dedicated to your project will result in a faster completion and fewer labor costs.  Late fall and mid-winter tend to be good times for remodeling projects.


Each homeowner’s kitchen remodel is unique based on size, budget, and timing.  With proper planning and a reputable kitchen remodeler by your side, you will be able to choose the most cost-effective and least-disruptive time for your household.

Desirable Kitchens & Refacing Provides Unmatched Quality and Service in Kitchen Remodeling

For years, Desirable Kitchens & Refacing has been transforming kitchens in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.  From cabinet refacing to kitchen remodels, the team at Desirable Kitchens & Refacing has the right solution for every customer – every time!  Our dedicated and experienced team works closely with you to find the most cost-effective and time efficient way to upgrade your kitchen while adding value to your home.  For a free consultation or more information, please call 412-515-0582.