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White Kitchen Cabinets

Top White Kitchen Cabinet Colors

White kitchens, a trend seen in 2020, not only provide your space with a bright, spacious appearance, but they offer versatility when it comes to incorporating textures and other hues.  Color selection for white kitchen cabinets significantly impacts the aesthetics of your kitchen.  Therefore, you want to make sure you research the various options available for your desired look—keeping in mind how other kitchen elements may complement or detract from your white cabinets.

Shades of White

There are many hues associated with white, which allow you to choose the shade that is going to have the most impact in your kitchen transformation.  For small rooms with limited lighting, bright, pure hues of white will bring light and energy to the room. Softer shades of white appear inviting, giving your kitchen a comforting, homey feel.  As you begin your color selection, below are some popular shades of white for kitchen cabinets.


Once the only hue, basic white still is popular in kitchen designs today.  Its straightforward color provides brightness to your space and can be incorporated with any color.

Cascade White

This hue introduces a bit of gray into the mix, without darkening the room.  It’s enough to bring neutral appeal, while not distracting from the desired openness.

Dove White

The touch of cream in this white conveys a warm, homey feel.  It works extremely well with pastels.

Slate White

For a neutral-dominant kitchen, this hue pairs well with neutral, but can make a chic statement alongside hints of trendy navy blue.

White Sand

Providing a calm, serene feel, this off-white shade will remind you of sandy dunes along the shoreline.  It’s a great color to capture the various shifts of light during the day.

Incorporating Other Elements

Once you have chosen the white hue for your kitchen cabinets, you can now play with other elements in your kitchen to really make it stand out.   


From flooring to countertops to island cabinetry, adding the right woodwork can instantly bring warmth to your kitchen and complement your white cabinets.   A rich mahogany countertop can add a sleek, clean finish, as well as a natural wood floor.

Pops of Color

Pops of color, carefully placed throughout your kitchen, can add to the visual appeal of your new kitchen design.  Whether it be bursts of color in your flooring, colorful light fixtures or island cabinets in a bright lemon or navy blue, adding pops of color will do wonders to highlight your beautiful white cabinets.
As you plan your kitchen cabinet renovations, consider hiring a cabinet refacing company near you.  Cabinet refacing is an affordable option that allows you to change the style and color of your cabinets without having to completely remove and replace them.

Providing Affordable Cabinet Refacing Solutions near You

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