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Should Kitchen & Bath Cabinets Match?

People often ask, should kitchen and bath cabinets match? Now, the answer may depend on who you ask. Realtors may say one thing, while contractors and your peers may say something different.

How Long Will You Be There?

Catch And Release

Before tackling a kitchen and bath renovation, consider how long you plan on staying in your home. If it is only for a few years before you plan on moving, resale value is extremely important. Continuity throughout the home appeals to a broad range of prospective buyers. It is recommended to go with a simple door style, neutral color/stain/paint with white being hugely desirable.

Long Term Commitment

If you plan on staying in your home for ten or more years, do not worry as much about matching kitchen and bath cabinets. You could personalize your home and select styles that appeal to your aesthetic. Keep in mind though, continuity throughout the home is still a good thing. Too much variation can clash and make people feel uneasy even if it is tasteful, and you may end up having to change it later when it comes time to sell the house.

Now, if this is your forever home, go crazy! There are no limitations when it comes to your kitchen and bath cabinetry in a house that you do not plan on moving out of. You may still want to try and maintain continuity and have styles that complement one another on some level, but it’s your house, do what you want!

Kitchen and Bath Renovation For A Short Term Home Investment

Cabinet Renovation Spend

Another big driving factor for having all of the woodwork, cabinets, and hardware match throughout the house is the price point. Getting an order of them in bulk all at once can often yield better deals. If there is no long-term plan for living in this house,  likely there won’t be as much worry about the personal touch as there is making it pretty and desirable for the largest audience of potential home buyers and increasing the quality.

Even if selling is not in your near future, the kitchen is a central point in your home where your cabinets will be used heavily, and an upgrade will keep your home feeling fresh. When you are considering an upgrade, the best place to splurge is the kitchen and master bath. These two areas are the main attraction to buyers when you choose to sell.

Cabinet Style Advice

If you plan on upgrading your kitchen cabinets and then revisiting the bathroom when your finances have recuperated, pick a style that has stood the test of time. Sometimes cabinets that were bought in the past are not carried anymore and you have to seek out new custom cabinets. Given that the plan is to upgrade the house, sell it and upgrade to a new house, this likely won’t be an option. You can get your cabinets all refaced to match where it matters, as long as the cabinet boxes are solid. Once this is determined you can start the process of getting new kitchen cabinet doors! Pittsburgh home owners in the south hills and western Pennslyvania have a great opportunity with Desirable Kitchens  & Refacing!

We should note, that while it is usually recommended to have all the cabinets in your house match on some level, a growing trend has people using different styles of cabinets for kitchen islands than what is used throughout the rest of the kitchen.

After everything we have said, bath and kitchen cabinets do not need to match in every way, most people just prefer it. They should complement one another. Kitchens are presented with more than one finish color and different styles in the same place all the time. These styles, colors, and finishes should be consistent throughout the home.

For example, if you select a traditional style door in the kitchen, you do not want to use a modern style door in the bathroom. You can certainly mix modern and traditional somewhere in the home, but one element needs to be carried throughout.

Choosing Cabinet Refacing

When going through the renovation process with cabinet refacing, South Hills  Desirable Kitchen and Refacing will make sure all your needs are met. Serving all of Western Pennsylvania, Desirable Kitchen and Refacing will make sure you are satisfied with your kitchen makeover.

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James Zoppetti