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Organized Cabinets

Proper Kitchen Cabinet Maintenance

Your kitchen cabinets, often the focal point of the room, play a significant role in keeping your kitchen tidy and organized.  Aside from your refrigerator, they are probably the most used part of your kitchen.  Keeping your kitchen cabinets in good condition makes a huge difference in the appearance and functionality of this high-traffic area.

With a few easy maintenance tips, your cabinets can stay in excellent shape and provide a lifetime of use and satisfaction.

Tip #1 – Clean Cabinet Surfaces Regularly

Regular cleaning is important when it comes to the appearance of your kitchen cabinets.  It helps to maintain your cabinet’s finish and color.  Dirt and grease buildup from everyday use, especially around cooking surfaces, causes your cabinets to look dull and worn.  Additionally, the exterior of cabinets are exposed to dust daily.  Using a soft cloth dampened with warm water once a week will help with any buildup and will keep your cabinets looking clean.  Kitchens can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, so don’t forget to pay attention to your cabinet hardware when cleaning and disinfect the handles.

Tip #2 – Do Not Use Abrasive Cleaners

If you have not kept up with your cabinets, resist the temptation to use scouring pads, scrub brushes and harsh chemical cleaners to clean buildup.  Abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals can cause discoloration, scratches and damage to your cabinets.  If a damp cloth does not do the trick, try adding dishwashing soap or a diluted mild all-purpose cleaner.  For cleaning and disinfecting your cabinet hardware, use a material-specific cleaner, such as a brass cleaning solution for brass handles.

Tip #3 – Clean and Organize the Inside of Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are a catch all for many random household items.  Haste makes us find the quickest storage spot for kitchen items, whether it is the designated spot or not.  Before you know it, you have more in your kitchen cabinets than you know what to do with.  Not only does it make items difficult to find, but overloading your cabinets and drawers can weaken the shelves or prevent the drawers from closing.  Every few months or so, take the time to organize and clean the inside of your kitchen cabinets.

Tip #4 – Avoid Direct Sunlight

Kitchen cabinets, especially those made from natural wood, can be easily damaged from direct exposure to sunlight.  The prolonged exposure makes them susceptible to fading and discoloring.  Prevent potential damage by using curtains, blinds or window films for your kitchen windows.

Tip #5 – Avoid Water and Moisture Damage

Exposure to water and moisture can have damaging effects on your kitchen cabinets, such as warping, discoloration and, in extreme cases, mold growth.  There are a couple ways to avoid this.  When storing your kitchen utensils, dishes and glasses inside your kitchen cabinets, be sure they are thoroughly dried.  And when cooking, use an exhaust fan or exhaust hood to lessen the effects of cooking moisture.

If your cabinets are already looking worn out and faded, consider kitchen cabinet refacing.  With cabinet refacing, also known as cabinet resurfacing, you are able to completely transform the look of your cabinets.

Available Cabinet Refacing Near Me?

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