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Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

How To Fix And Prevent Scratches On Kitchen Cabinets

Keeping your kitchen cabinets scratch-free can seem unattainable.  For most families, the kitchen is the heart of the family home making it a high-traffic area. How can you prevent scratches from ruining the surfaces of your kitchen cabinets?   Desirable Kitchens & Refacing, Pittsburgh’s local cabinet refacing expert, suggests the following tips.

Clean Cabinet Surfaces Regularly

Regular cleaning helps to maintain your cabinet’s finish and color.  Dirt and grease from everyday use, especially around cooking surfaces, can build up causing you to scrub harder and potentially scratch the surface of your cabinets.  Using a soft cloth dampened with warm water once a week will help with any buildup and will keep your cabinets looking clean.

Fixing Scratches on Kitchen Cabinets

To easily fix minor scratches on your kitchen cabinets without sanding, grab a rag and some olive or vegetable oil and apply the oil to the scratched cabinets until they are smooth.

Avoid Abrasive Cleaners

If you have not regularly kept up with wiping your cabinets, resist the temptation to use scouring pads, scrub brushes, and harsh chemical cleaners to remove buildup.  Abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals can damage your cabinets by causing discoloration and scratches.  If a damp cloth does not remove the buildup, add dishwashing soap or a diluted mild all-purpose cleaner.

Keep Toys and Pets Away

If you have small children, it may be tempting for them to ride their toys around on the smooth surface of the kitchen floor.  Unfortunately, they can ride right into your lower cabinets nicking and scratching the surfaces. Also, if possible, keep pets out of the kitchen with gates, so that they do not scratch your wood cabinets.

Slow Down

Often, scratches and nicks occur when we are in a hurry in the kitchen.  By trying to do too many things at once, it is easy to hit your cabinets while removing a pot or pan quickly or putting it away. Slow down and take your time in the kitchen, so your cabinet surfaces don’t suffer.

Arrange Your Cabinets by Need and Size

It is important to arrange your cabinets in a way that fits your cooking style so that you have easy access to the items you use the most.  Having to stretch and reach for regularly used pots, pans and utensils open you up to surface scratches and nicks caused by falling items.  Additionally, be sure to have plenty of clearance in your cabinets for your larger pots and appliances.
Smaller nicks and scratches can sometimes be repaired with a touch-up pen or cabinet tool-kit. For more extensive damage to your kitchen cabinet surfaces, you may want to consider a local cabinet refacing company.

Your Local Cabinet Refacing Experts

If your cabinets are in need of refacing due to scratches and gouges to their surface, then Desirable Kitchens & Refacing, located in Pittsburgh’s South Hills, has the solution for you.  Desirable Kitchens & Refacing has been the local cabinet refacing expert for clients in the Pittsburgh area for years.  Call Desirable Kitchens & Refacing at 412-515-0582 for a free consultation.  Having the right solution for every customer – every time—is our number one priority!
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