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Grey and White Kitchen Cabinets

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors of 2020

Design trends move quickly, especially when it comes to the heart of the family home.  As designers make their predictions each year, many of them focus on the latest trend in kitchen transformations. Often, color plays a big role in those predictions.  So what popular colors are we seeing in 2020 for kitchen cabinets?

Earthy Shades of Blue and Green

Traditionally used in bathrooms and bedrooms to bring a peaceful vibe, earthy shades of blue and green are making their way into the kitchen.  Such a hectic and high traffic area, the added color intends to bring a sense of calm to this popular gathering spot.  With a variety of shades available in these two color families, the color transformation can work well in many kitchens.

Turquoise and Jade

Staying within the same color families—blue and green—we are also seeing bolder colors, such as turquoise and jade, in kitchen renovations.  Perfect for the homeowner that loves some color, adding darker shades of turquoise or jade to your cabinets will make a vibrant statement while keeping a peaceful earthy vibe.


Looking for a brighter, sunnier hue for your kitchen?  Transform your kitchen with lemon-colored cabinets.  This joyful hue can bring life to a drab, outdated kitchen.  Used sparingly, lemon provides a clean, sharp look that can be complemented with white or neutral-colored décor.  It can also make your small space seem larger.

Muted Shades

Moving away from the all-white kitchen, homeowners are choosing muted shades to make a statement.  Again, we see hints of the blue and green color families, as muted shades such as navy and deep green cover kitchen cabinets.  Warm ivories and charcoal colors round out the list, providing homeowners with the look and feel of English country kitchens.

Natural Wood

Veering away from color, a natural wood finish is making a comeback for kitchen cabinets in 2020. Stains and finishes are still chosen by homeowners, but mainly to highlight the natural wood grain.
When it comes to keeping up with the latest color trends, it can seem overwhelming.  From the amount of shades within each color to the costs associated with making major home improvements, your inclination may be to shy away from making a much needed change.  Desirable Kitchens and Refacing provides you with an affordable option that is easier and less expensive—kitchen cabinet refacing.  Kitchen cabinet refacing allows you to change the style and color of your cabinets without having to completely remove and replace them.

Providing Affordable Solutions for Kitchen Cabinets in Pittsburgh

If you are looking to update your kitchen cabinets to incorporate one of the beautiful new hues for 2020, consider Pittsburgh’s Desirable Kitchens and Refacing to get the job done. When it comes to cabinet refacing our team has the knowledge and expertise to provide Pittsburgh homeowners with the latest color trend without the expense, time and hassle.  Call Desirable Kitchens & Refacing, located in Pittsburgh’s South Hills, at 412-515-0582 for a free consultation.