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2020 Kitchen Trends

Kitchen Cabinet Trends of 2020

Is it time for a kitchen makeover? Do you want to reface or replace? With so many styles to choose from, Desirable Kitchens and Refacing are here to serve those in need of cabinet refacing in Pittsburgh. You deserve a modern makeover that fulfills your kitchen needs. Here are the hottest trends in kitchen cabinets, colors, surfaces, and features to give you a solid start for your kitchen makeover!

Kitchen Cabinets

Open Shelving

As cabinet hinges come over, your kitchen items become decorations as they are stored right there on the shelf. This cabinet trend is a huge space saver and is perfect for minimalists or those who desire an industrial kitchen.

Open Frame 

Now, this one is more of a mix between modern and traditional kitchen cabinets as your items are displayed but behind glass panels resulting in a brighter kitchen.


This cabinet trend is the one most are familiar with. It’s certainly modern in its simplicity and fits into whatever color or style you’re after.


Perfect for a minimalist, this cabinet trend features flat, frameless fronts that are modern and sleek in appearance. It adds some glass into your kitchen!


As the name suggests, this cabinet trend meets in the middle between the old and new. It mixes traditional cabinets with modern hardware or modern cabinets with a more traditional open frame.

Colors in the Kitchen

Kitchens are becoming more colorful as we transition out of old-stained wood. However, the stained wood look is still popular in traditional kitchens as it is the perfect way to bring nature inside. We are seeing more whites, grays, blues, and two-toned kitchens in 2020. Color in the kitchen makes a bold statement.


White pairs well with popular styles and gives your kitchen a bright, sleek appearance.


As a whole, gray is taking of home design as it partners well with all big colors. It is a versatile neutral.


If you want a more relaxed feel, this is the color for you. Blue creates a homey, welcoming feeling.


A two-toned kitchen is the best of both worlds as contrast meets neutrality. Get a little bit of everything with this color combo. With double the color comes double the style.

Cabinet Surfaces

There is plenty of variety in 2020 when it comes to kitchen cabinet surfaces.

Wood Grain

While many are transitioning away from the wood grain, it’s not totally out of style.


This surface is becoming super popular, especially in minimalist or industrial kitchens. Glossy surfaces are rich in color and offer a sleek appearance.


If you like to DIY, this is the perfect surface for you as it offers plenty of opportunities!

Cabinet Features

Deep Drawers

Meeting in the middle with open shelving, extra deep drawers enable kitchen users to store anything and everything they may not be able to fit on their shelves.

Islands with Storage

Islands offer extra top surfaces, but islands with storage built-in are super beneficial!

Minimal Hardware

2020 is witnessing the push out of bulky knobs in turn for sleek and slim handles. Check out our specials, we even throw in free hardware with any kitchen solution!

There are tons of factors to think about when planning your kitchen makeover. For your kitchen refacing in Pittsburgh, contact Desirable Kitchen and Refacing in the South Hills to make sure all your needs are met. Serving all of Western Pennsylvania, we will make sure you are satisfied with your kitchen makeover. Call us at 412-515-0582 or send an email to contact@dkrpgh. You deserve the kitchen of your dreams!
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