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Do I Need a Permit to Remodel My Kitchen?

If you’ve been thinking about refreshing your kitchen with a remodel, then you may be wondering if this type of home construction requires a permit.

As your top choice for kitchen remodeling in Pittsburgh, we have designed and built a variety of kitchens throughout the area. Using our expertise, we’ve put together a guide on the kitchen remodeling process.

Why do I Need a Permit?

Permits are used by your city to regulate construction. They are used as a way to govern the city safely while also ensuring energy conservation. While they can be inconvenient, not having the proper permits can cause your project to be delayed.

If you plan to move or add plumbing, electrical, walls, or mechanical elements within the home, then you will need a permit. On the other hand, if you are refinishing or removing your cabinets, you likely won’t need a permit.

Our team at Desirable Kitchens and Refacing can help answer any permit questions you may have!

Types of Kitchen Remodeling Permits

There are various types of permits to consider. If you are doing anything related to plumbing, electrical, or mechanical, then you will need a trade-specific permit. For example, if you are changing or moving the plumbing, you will need a plumbing permit.

The next permit you may need to consider is a building permit. If you plan to remove a wall, then a building permit is required. If you’re moving plumbing and removing a wall, you will need both a building permit and a plumbing permit.

To get a permit, you need first to have a draftsman measure your property and create drawings, known as as-built drawings, which show the home as it is currently built. Using this set of plans, a plan will be created for how you plan to remodel the kitchen.

How Will Permits Affect My Kitchen Remodel?

When starting a kitchen remodeling project, it’s important to understand the timeline for a remodel. It can take 4-6 weeks to obtain a kitchen remodeling permit, and once you have the permit, you will need to have your home inspected throughout the build.

While working with your local remodeling contractor, we will be able to call for inspections as needed. Keep in mind these inspections can cause delays as we will need to schedule the inspection and then stop work until the inspection approves.

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