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5 Reasons to Use a Local Business for Your Kitchen Projects

Commercial home improvement retailers do have a role in the world. Chances are there is one within 5 minutes of your home. Large retailers are good for DIY projects but are not good for big home improvement projects. Why? They are not specialty stores. Local businesses, like Desirable Kitchen and Refacing, are niche businesses that offer individualized approaches to all projects. Desirable Kitchen and Refacing celebrates creativity and uniqueness in its Pittsburgh cabinet refacing projects. Here are 5 reasons you should head to your local business for your kitchen projects.

Individualized Expertise

Because local businesses possess a deep love of their craft, they tend to have a thorough understanding of their products. They can provide the information necessary to weigh the pros and cons of features, styles, and investments to aid in the decision-making process. Solutions are adapted to meet the customer’s needs to offer that personal touch.

High-Quality Products

Local businesses can provide high-quality materials your Pittsburgh cabinet refacing projects large retailers may not be able to. They recognize quality craftsmanship which allows for flexible options and custom features. This can save you money and add unique elements to your home through custom innovation.

Custom Product Offerings

Local businesses have strong relationships with talented craftsmen and quality manufacturers which allows the customer to get that perfect window or build a custom island. Beyond that – they can do it quickly! They are flexible and adaptable in product offerings.

One-of-a-Kind Installation

Big retailers are not suited to be experts. However, local businesses have years of experience with their product offerings, have installed their projects before, and know nearly everything there is to know about them. They are fluent in offering customized solutions for unique projects and are both speedy and agile in installation.

Support Your Community

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting local businesses is essential to sustain a thriving community. Local companies offer better quality products and succeed in support local craftsmen. There’s also an added benefit that products from local businesses tend to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable. By supporting local businesses in your Pittsburgh cabinet refacing, you are rewarding these individuals’ passion and dedication to their craft!

When planning for your next cabinet refacing, consider heading over to a local business to tap into their expertise. For your kitchen cabinet refacing in Pittsburgh, contact Desirable Kitchen and Refacing in the South Hills to make sure all your needs are met. Serving all of Western Pennsylvania, Desirable Kitchen and Refacing will make sure you are satisfied with your kitchen makeover.

Call Desirable Kitchen and Refacing at 412-515-0582 or send an email to contact@dkrpgh. You can fill out a contact form on our website as well!

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James Zoppetti