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2021 Bathroom Trends

Do you want your bathroom to feel brand new? Channel your inner designer and transform your bathroom. Desirable Kitchen and Refacing wants to share these 7 trends for your cabinet refacing and bathroom transformation projects in Pittsburgh.

Be Bold

Marble slabs, especially white marble, is a strong choice for any bathroom. Pair white marble with red or black accents or even grey accents. Marble is perfect for dramatic appearances and in clean, neutral designs.
Push the boundaries with accent walls in moody tones. Choose to accent your bathroom with forest green, navy blue, or even dark red.
Instead of a plain white sink, select something fun and colorful. The time has passed where white is the only choice. While you can always choose what suits you, a wider pallet of colors and greater variety patterns are beginning to pop up in bathrooms.

More Modern

There’s no downside to our first modern trend – an open shower. Simple and elegant, this modern choice has drainage built in to ensure the water doesn’t spill out.
Swap out your traditional tiles for something more unexpected. Hexagon tiles are in right now as well as other unique tiles like fish scales, triangles, and diamonds.
For an easy transformation, put in a large free-standing tub. Some common materials include acrylic, fiberglass, and ceramic. You can also use natural stone, wood, or metal.
Double vanities are the trend right now. They are very convenient and potentially time savers, especially in the mornings. Consider your space before opting for this option.

Go Classic

Don’t get rid of that old Hollywoodesque tapware. That antique brass bath mixer with a hand shower is perfect for a vintage feel. Pair with brass tones and shiny tiles and it’s like you’re living in the good ole days. Maybe even add in a clawfoot tub!

An Industrial Revolution

There are many ways you can have an industrial revolution within your bathroom transformation. Use a brick accent wall or maybe concrete countertops with exposed copper pipe ware and towel rails. An Edison style lightbulb also adds to the ambiance you are after. Additionally, an important interior trend in recent years has continued to see metals used with an industrial setting to provide contrast to cement and wood.

A Luxurious Feel

Perfect for smaller areas, frameless glass shower doors make the area appear bigger. Easy to maintain, these are a luxury that requires minimal effort.

Use concrete for everything! Your tubs,  your countertops, and your showers. It’s not only pleasing to the eye and works well with an industrial bathroom, but also easy to clean provided they are treated correctly. Sunken bathtubs are also becoming increasingly popular as they are built into the floor to increase the perceived room size and decreased accidents due to less distance to step when water is involved.


There’s an endless list of things you can use wood for. You can use wood for your window frames, doors, and cabinets. Additionally, you can opt for wooden laundry baskets, mirrors, and towel rails. You could even build your own shower mat!
To add to the outdoorsy feel, put some plants in the bathroom to lighten the atmosphere. Wood, no matter what color, has a natural feel that a lot of people are going for. The distressed look appeals to many people, but a more finished look is good as well. Keeping your bathroom consistent and with an earthy color palette can produce great results. Since wood is a primary construction material, much of your bathroom is probably wood already. You can enhance your existing bathroom for less money with a simpler cabinet reface.

Make a Statement

Choose big mirrors with simple borders to make a statement in your bathroom. Wooden or steel frames are recommended because of their versatility. The bigger the mirror, the bigger the room feels.
Use the timelessness of matte black to make your bathroom chic. Pairing black with a neutral is bound to make a statement.

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