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Cabinet Refacing Pittsburgh

Reasons to Reface Instead of Remodel your Kitchen

Just because you want to update your kitchen does not mean you have to demo everything and start from scratch. Understanding there are options available other than a full kitchen remodel can save you hassle, time and money.  Kitchen cabinet refacing is one of those options that can transform your Pittsburgh kitchen for a fraction of the price and time.

What is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing, a popular choice among homeowners, entails the removal of existing drawer faces and doors and installation of new ones.  Your cabinet boxes remain intact and a new veneer is applied.  With cabinet refacing, you can change the color and texture of your cabinets, as well as add new hinges and hardware, such as handles and drawer pulls.  This cost-effective alternative to a full kitchen remodel allows you to keep your current kitchen intact while completely transforming its appearance.  If your cabinets are well-built and structurally sound, then your kitchen is a good candidate for cabinet refacing.

More Affordable

On average, cabinet refacing will cost you half as much as a full kitchen remodel.  Depending on the doors, drawers and hardware you choose, your kitchen transformation can be achieved at a very reasonable price.

Less Time-Consuming

Compared to a remodeling project that can leave you without a kitchen for months, most cabinet refacing projects are completed within 3-5 days.  It is a quick and simple process when hiring experienced professionals to get the job done.  An added bonus is that you are still able to utilize your kitchen during this time.

Less Disruptive

Our kitchens are busy, high-traffic areas.  Therefore, any disruption to this part of our home can be an inconvenience.  Fortunately, with cabinet refacing, there is less mess and disruption to your normal routine than with a kitchen remodel.  Your cabinet boxes are still intact and your sink, countertop and appliances are still available to use.

Friendlier to the Environment

Since you are not adding old cabinets to a landfill or cutting down trees to make new cabinets, cabinet refacing is a friendlier option for the environment. Additionally, your old drawer faces and doors can be reused and recycled.

Cabinet Refacing in Pittsburgh

If you are looking to update your kitchen without the expense, time and hassle of a full kitchen remodel, then Desirable Kitchens & Refacing, located in Pittsburgh’s South Hills, has the solution for you.  For several years, Desirable Kitchens & Refacing has been transforming kitchens in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas with cabinet refacing.  Call Desirable Kitchens & Refacing at 412-515-0582 for a free consultation.
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