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A refaced smart kitchen

Fast Forward: 2022 Kitchen Design

Is it time for a kitchen makeover in your home? Should you want to reface or replace? With so many styles to choose from for your kitchen cabinet doors, Pittsburgh’s Desirable Kitchens and Resurfacing is here to serve those in need of a new kitchen design. You deserve a modern makeover that fulfills your kitchen needs without emptying your wallet. Here are the hottest trends in a fast-forward look to 2022.


As we entered the new decade, minimalism has taken a hold of the décor of modern kitchens: no unnecessary décor, with emphasis on ecological materials and textures. A built-in laconic is still one of the most popular trends. When remodeling or choosing a new kitchen, be aware of your budget. If it’s small, a new design you love is possible without the frills. Individual elements can help elaborate the atmosphere. You never know about the power of an unusual apron, a stylish tabletop, or a fancy chandelier in trademarking your kitchen.
Functionality topples extravagance as minimalism takes the trend of the year. By avoiding bright colors and an abundance of prints, you will achieve the perfect laconic look. To picture your minimalist kitchen, clear the space of unnecessary items and arrange things behind a simple façade. The interior will immediately become filled with light.
In a small kitchen, every useful square meter is important. In the small footage, a plain front in a calm color palette and a simple dining group will fit perfectly. Appliances should be chosen built-in, furniture, and unnecessary items should be abandoned.


Eco-style is at the height of its popularity as the attention to naturalness implies interior design using neutral colors and basic finishes: from a pale blue to a fresh shade of green. Cheerful colors can enrich these neutrals. Furniture made of natural wood perfectly complements this kitchen space.

High Tech

Using the latest materials – clear geometric proportions, an abundance of lighting sources, and a division of the working area with the help of an island – raises hi-tech to a new level. Now, the style is finding its way into the kitchen. Solid and perfectly smooth exteriors with a delicate shine and a minimum number of fittings are the perfect start in finishing this style. The most successful combinations are neutral cold tones of blue, green, or gray combined with one contrasting shade.

Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchens are not bound by strict rules. It rather fully corresponds to your personal ideas of coziness and comfort. It intertwines minimalism, high-tech, and eco-style. Elements that are selected properly will coexist in quite harmony. But there are several important points to keep in mind when creating a kitchen project: modernity lies in clever combinations like functionalist and aesthetics, simple and classes, and the magic of modern technology.

Natural Materials: Wood and Marble

The desire for ecological natural materials is still high. This is especially true for kitchen countertops. Beautiful and unique textures can transform the look. The most visible representatives are wood and marble.
Marble finishes in modern kitchens will always have their use, whether the design is simple or discreet. The unique texture of marble created by nature has its own neat aesthetics, so this material can be used as a floor covering, the creation of an island, or an apron.
But don’t forget about trees. Do not ignore its natural beauty and use it in modern kitchen projects. Various combinations of natural wood and “natural” veneer and high cabinets are all signs of a 2022 kitchen.

Glass Apron

The glass backsplash has become a popular alternative to the familiar ceramic tiles. It is most often used for simple interiors to protect the wall finish. Its popularity lies in its practicality as dirt does not accumulate as there are no seams. It also is easy to install. Aesthetically, the surface allows you to apply any patterns and be matted. For smaller kitchens, the use of a mirror panel will come in handy as the kitchen space visually increases. The more unusual the apron, the more interesting the kitchen.

Metal Textures

Within this new decade, metals are actively used – copper, brass, stainless steel as well as imitated coatings. When decorating the kitchen as a whole, metals can be used in both single accents and in larger forms. Depending on the type of metal, they can create a warmer or colder shine effect. Metal companions can be wood, marble, or granite.

Lack of Handles

The “touch to open” system has quickly entered our life. It’s convenient, cabinets can be placed outside the box, and you can freely combine façade and finishing materials. The fronts without handles garner less attention without overloading the look of the entire kitchen.

In-Line with the Island

Corner and L-shaped kitchens are slowly losing their popularity. Linear layouts are topping the charts as they are complemented by storage boxes up to the ceiling. The island only improves the workability of the kitchen. You can integrate a sink into it and place it opposite the hob, achieving comfort as you prepare your meals.

Three-Level Kitchens

Functionality always comes first. A three-level kitchen implies an additional level above the upper hanging cabinets. As a rule, the depth of these cabinets is almost the same as that of the lower ones. An additional layer relieves the lower cabinets of rarely used kitchen accessories. For color combinations, these kitchens tend to follow the “two-color” rule.

Thin Countertops

Modern kitchens with thin countertops look weightless but can withstand standard household loads. While this trend might seem like it is not much to stand on, it is worth looking into.

Matte Textures

Matte textures are gradually replacing glossy surfaces. Glossy surfaces retain fingerprints and grease. Glossier textures if used at all are used for areas the homeowner wishes to highlight or draw attention to.

Smart Technology

The direction of high-tech gadgets and appliances gives the kitchen a futuristic look and function. The space will look both modern and be more useful. Sockets are recessed, small appliances are hidden, dishwashers are built-in, and hubs are merged into the countertops. Choosing high-quality and multifunctional equipment will prove to be beneficial for years to come.

Classic Kitchens

The traditional classical style gives us a more democratic direction: neoclassicism. This style has been at the peak of popularity for several years. It is distinguished by its simplicity and sophistication of furniture forms, the fundamental nature of the designs. However, it does require a lot of space.

Wood, stone, natural fabrics, and metals of warm colors are suitable for decorating the space. The main thing is to observe clear lines and symmetry and to decorate with restraint. Subtle pastel tones and base shades highlight the neoclassical character. Avoid complex patterns, curls, or patina.

Trending Colors

Natural wood colors, white, cream, and gray are the most popular shades of kitchen sets as they are timeless and fashionable. Often, they are chosen as a base because of its neutrality. More expressive colors take place in the headset or on its individual elements.  Any variations of blue, green, and warm brown shades are in trend.

There are tons of factors to think about when planning your kitchen makeover. For your kitchen cabinet doors refacing project,  Pittsburgh’s Desirable Kitchen and Resurfacing will make sure all your needs are met. Serving all of Western Pennsylvania, Desirable Kitchen and Resurfacing will make sure you are satisfied with your kitchen makeover.

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