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kitchen cabinet hardware needs replaced

Common Kitchen Cabinet Issues

Having great, functioning kitchen cabinets is critical to the convenience and flow of your kitchen. Since we use our cabinets daily, they experience wear and tear, leading to these and more; common issues with kitchen cabinets.

We’ve seen it all in our years of quality cabinet refacing and replacement. Here are some of the most common ones:

Hardware not functioning properly

Due to their frequent usage, the magnet mechanism can can become loose or can lead to handling damage, making opening and closing the cabinets a pain.

Sometimes, you may notice a door on your kitchen cabinet won’t close all the way or won’t stay shut. Assuming nothing is blocking the door from its normal trajectory, it could be a simple matter of adjusting the hinges.

For this, you will typically just need a screwdriver. Many hinges will allow you to slide their position until the screw is tightened.

You may also experience a cabinet with loose handles or a drawer that sticks, or keeps falling off the track.

Additionally, steam from cooking and water deposits can cause issues such as rusted hinges on your cabinets

If your cabinet hardware is loose and cannot be tightened due to bad wood, A cabinet repair specialist at Desirable Kitchens and Refacing can assess your cabinets and recommend new doors or cabinet refacing services.

If your hinges are rusty, you may need just to replace them; however, there may be water damage elsewhere on your cabinets if the hinges were affected.

Mold and Water Issues

Mold and water can also be fatal to your cabinets. Whether it’s a leaky pipe or excessive steam from cooking, you need to have the defect fixed as soon as possible to avoid destroying your cabinets. Once you’ve determined the source of the mold or water, our cabinet experts can assess the damage done and make cabinet repair or replacement recommendations. If you are moving any plumbing, you may need to get a  permit! Make sure to check!

Structural Issues

Common structural issues with cabinets include issues like bent shelving. Using weak wood to hold heavy dishes or small appliances can cause the shelving to begin to bow or sag. Water damage can cause the cabinets to behave this way as well. This can lead to a collapse of the shelving. and broken dishes if it is not taken care of soon.

Aesthetic Issues

There is something to a lived-in well loved home. However, if your kitchen cabinets are in bad condition, if you have polish wearing off your kitchen cabinet doors or stains and scratches marking the surface, it can ruin the look of your kitchen.

The kitchen should always be the cleanest room since food is made there. It may very well be germ-free, but if it visibly looks dirty, it may have guests wondering about your food prep space when they are over.

If you want your kitchen to look refreshed and stylish, your best option may be to have your kitchen cabinets refaced to keep costs lower than a full replacement.

Cabinet Refacing and Replacement Services

At Desirable Kitchens and Refacing, we can evaluate your kitchen cabinets and recommend whether cabinet refacing or replacement will be the right choice for your kitchen. Contact us today to learn more.

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